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File and Serve: Guidelines, Registration and Sign On

The Board encourages parties to use electronic filing and service in all cases. Electronic filing and service is usually easier, faster, and less expensive than other means for filing and service. The web-based filing and service system also has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day.

Parties who are new to the Board’s electronic filing system first must obtain a username and password by visiting File & Serve Express, or by calling File & Serve Express Customer Support at 1 (888) 529-7587.

Please be sure to register with File & Serve Express and not “CaseFileXpress ("Washington, D.C. Filers Only")”. CaseFileXpress is the current filing system for the DC Superior Court, not the Contract Appeals Board.

Chapter 4 of the Board Rules contains procedures for parties to use in electronic filing of case pleadings. After a party initiates a case, all future pleadings should be filed and served electronically. The electronic filing system retains all pleadings filed in each case and parties may download and print such pleadings from the electronic filing website at any time.