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Initiating a New Case

  1. Prepare a proper initiating pleading (i.e. Complaint/Appeal, or Protest) for filing according to the Board Rules and the Procurement Practices Reform Act, including DC Code §§ 2-360.03, 2-360.04, and 2-360.08.
  2. Connect to the File and Serve Sign On page, and enter credentials. At the My File and Serve home page, select the Filing and Service tab. 
  3. At the Select Court and/or Case for Filing screen, select the radio button for File a New Case, which changes your screen options, allowing you to then select the DC Contract Appeals Board from the drop-down Court menu. Then press the Find button, which displays the Court List for the filer to select either an Appeal or Protest case by pressing the associated red icon.
  4. After selecting the case class, the Add New Case screen is displayed; select the Case Type and enter a Case Name which is usually the name of the entity filing the appeal or protest.  It is helpful if the filer puts the contract name and number in a parenthetical, for example, ABC Corporation (7th Street Rehabilitation, Contract No. XYZ-AA-2004).  Press the Submit button.
  5. At the Documents (Attach Documents) screen, select the Document Type from the pull-down menu but only an initiating pleading such as Notice of Appeal, Notice of Appeal and Complaint, or Protest.  Then browse your local computer or network to select the actual document (preferably in searchable PDF format or text/word format) to be filed, and enter a title for the filing such as "Notice of Appeal" or "Protest".  After entering all of the proper information, click the "Attach Document" button.  Additional documents can be attached in the same way.  Exhibits should be named concisely and in a helpful manner, such as "Notice of Appeal Ex. 1 (12-08-2004 CO Final Decision).
  6. Then select the Case Parties tab (Add Case Parties), choose Initiating Party, select the Party type (e.g. Appellant), Entity type (e.g. Organization), enter the Party Name, search and select the Attorney by name, and select the Attorney Type.  Then click the Add Party button.  Then choose Additional Party, Party Type (e.g. Appellee), Entity type (e.g. Organization), and then enter Party Name (e.g. DC Government).  Click the Add Party button.
  7. Then select the Review and Submit tab, select the Authorizing Attorney, complete the other fields, click the Next button, carefully review the converted pdf version of the pleadings and exhibits to be filed, as well as the service list, and then click the Submit Transaction button.

If you have questions, please call File&ServeXPress™ Customer Support at (866) 293-3957, or the Contract Appeals Board Clerk’s Office at (202) 727-6597.