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Contract Appeals Board

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Jurisdiction of the Board

The jurisdiction of the District of Columbia Contract Appeals Board is defined in sections 2-360.03, 2-360.04, 2-273.08(a), and 2-221.04 of the District of Columbia Code.

Section 2-360.03(a) provides that the Board shall be the exclusive hearing tribunal for, and shall review and determine de novo:

  1. Any protest of a solicitation or award of a contract addressed to the Board by any actual or prospective bidder or offeror, or the contractor who is aggrieved in connection with the solicitation or award of a contract;
  2. Any appeal by a contractor from a final decision by the contracting officer on a claim by a contractor, when such claim arises under or relates to a contract; and
  3. Any claim by the District against a contractor, when such claim arises under or relates to a contract.

Section 2-360.03(b) provides that the jurisdiction of the Board shall be consistent with the coverage of the Procurement Practices Reform Act as set forth in § 2-351.05, except that the Board may enter into fee-for-service agreements with agencies, departments, boards, commissions, and instrumentalities of the District or other public entities that are not subject to the Board's jurisdiction. The agreements shall provide for the Board to resolve contract disputes, including appeals and protests of those agencies, departments, commissions, and instrumentalities. With agreements of the parties, the Board may provide alternative dispute resolution services.

The Board also hears and decides appeals by contractors of debarment and suspension actions taken by the District’s Debarment Review Committee pursuant to DC Code § 2-360.04, disputes under the Public Private Partnership Act pursuant to DC Code § 2-273.08(a), and appeals of Quick Payment Act claims pursuant to DC Code § 2-221.04.

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